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Tour With Jack at Pesach

posted Mar 25, 2010, 10:49 PM by Jack Cadranel
During Pesach next week my tours will be on Wednesday and Thursday of chol hamoed.
On Wednesday March 31st we shall tour the Southern Wall ExcavationsHerod's magnificent Temple was destroyed by the Romans in the Year 70 CE. At its feet lie remains that span 2000 years of Jerusalem's history. Come and explore!  
We shall meet just inside the Dung Gate at 9.30 am.
On Thursday April 1st we shall tour Ramat RachelThe history of this strategic hilltop high above Jerusalem spans 2,700 years. There are remains here of a royal palace and citadel from the time of the First Temple, a village from the time of the Second Temple, a Roman villa, a Byzantine monastery, trenches from the 1948 War of Independence and a Jordanian outpost from the Six Day War. See all this and more including amazing views over Jerusalem while you hear the history of this special site.
We'll meet at 1.30pm at the entrance to the Ramat Rachel Hotel (Bus No.7).
Each of these tours lasts 2-3 hours and costs NIS 60 per person.  There is a site entry fee of NIS 30 on Wednesday's tour.  Please register in advance 054-647-8955 or
tourwithjack@gmail.com .
The following week there will be a tour of Ir David at 1.30 pm on Tuesday 6th April.
Best wishes for a chag Pesach kasher vesameach