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The next two tours

posted Jul 16, 2009, 3:44 AM by Jack Cadranel   [ updated Jul 16, 2009, 4:07 AM ]
Next Wednesday's tour is called In the Shadows of the Temple: Southern Wall Excavations and the Davidson Centre. Herod's magnificent Temple was destroyed by the Romans in the Year 70 CE.  At its feet lie remains that span 2000 years of Jerusalem's history.  Come and explore!  We will meet  just inside the Dung Gate on Wednesday July 22nd at 2.30pm.  Entrance fees of NIS 30 for adults and NIS 16 for children, students and senior citizens on this tour.
Because of Tish'a Be'Av the tour the following week will be on Tuesday morning.  We will tour the Burnt House and the Herodian Mansions.  On the eve of the destruction of the Temple the Jews were torn apart by internal struggles; rich against poor, Sadducees against Pharisees, Zealots against the peace faction.  On the 8th of Elul, a month after they burned the Temple, the Romans set fire to the upper city.  Some of the wealthiest families and priests had homes on the slope of the Western Hill with a wonderful view of the Temple.  Their power and position did not save them from the disaster that was to come. We'll visit their houses and learn about their lifestyles and the strife that led to their downfall.  We will meet at the bus stop in the car park of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City on Tuesday July 28th at 9.30am.  (Bus No. 38)  Entrance fees of NIS 35 for adults, NIS 25 for senior citizens and NIS 15 for children on this tour.
These are 2-3 hour tours and will cost NIS 60 each plus entrance fees.  Please let me know by phone or email if you hope to join one of these tours.