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March 15th and 17th: The Jewish Quarter on the Ground and from the Ramparts

posted Mar 11, 2010, 9:40 AM by Jack Cadranel
During next week's tours we shall explore the Jewish Quarter on the ground and look down at it from the ramparts of the city walls.
The tour on Monday March 15th is called Building the Jewish Quarter: 600 Years from 1267 to 1860.  The tour tells the story of the Jewish community of Jerusalem from the end of the Crusaders period until just before the first neighbourhoods were built outside the walls.  By 1860 the Jewish population had grown from a mere handful to 8,000.   In response to Christian missionary activities Jewish hospitals and schools had begun to be set up.  The first Jewish housing project had been built.   Even so all Jewish life was confined within the single square kilometre inside the walls of the Old City and the gates of the city were locked at night.  
We shall meet just outside the Zion Gate.at 1.30 pm.
On Wednesday March 17th we shall take another Walk on the Walls.  This tour starts at the Tower of David and follows the Ramparts Walk southwards past the Armenian Quarter, Mount Zion and the Jewish Quarter to the Dung Gate.  We'll come down from the ramparts near the Western Wall and walk through the markets and the Jewish Quarter on our way back to the Jaffa Gate where the tour ends.    
We'll meet at 9.30am just outside the Jaffa Gate.
Each of these tours lasts 2-3 hours and costs NIS 60 per person plus admission fees.  There are admission fees of NIS 10 on Monday's tour and and NIS 16 on Wednesday's tour.    Please register in advance 054-647-8955 or
tourwithjack@gmail.com .