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Ir David and the Via Dolorosa - 24th and 26th May

posted May 20, 2010, 4:28 AM by Jack Cadranel
Each of this week's tours explores a different aspect of Jerusalem's history.. 
On Monday 24th May we'll visit Ir David - the City of David Is the massive building Eilat Mazar has found really King David's palace?  The Canaanite water system is 3,700 years old but did David's army climb up Warren's Shaft to conquer the city?  How did King Hezekiah defend the city against the Assyrians 2,700 years ago?  Why were paving stones of a 2,000 year old stepped street deliberately broken through?  Come and see for yourself!  
We'll meet at 2.30pm by the ticket office of the Ir David visitors' centre.
On Wednesday May 26th we shall tour the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy SepulchreThe Via Dolorosa marks Jesus' journey carrying the cross from his trial and condemnation by Pontius Pilate to his crucifiction at Golgotha.   For pilgrims it is a spiritual journey but from as early as the 4th Century Christians have also followed a physical "Way of the Cross" through Jerusalem.  Over the centuries the route has varied but became settled in the 18th Century.  The tour follows the stations along the route to Jesus' tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
We shall meet just inside the Dung Gate at 9.30am.
Please wear comfortable shoes and bring hats and water for these tours.  Each of them lasts 2-3 hours and costs NIS 60 per person plus site fees.  On Monday's tour there are site fees of NIS 30.  Please register in advance 054-647-8955 or tourwithjack@gmail.com .
The following week on Monday 31st May at 2.30pm the tour is called When Jews Lived in the Muslim Quarter.  On Wednesday 2nd June at 9.30am we'll take a Walk on the Walls of the Old City from the Tower of David to the Dung Gate,