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First Tours for 2011: Breaking Out of the Walls and the Temple Mount

posted Dec 30, 2010, 10:22 PM by Jack Cadranel
This weeks tours will take you to the heart of the Old City and to the first neighbourhoods built when people began to venture outside its walls in the 19th Century.
The theme of the tour on Monday January 3rd is Breaking Out of the Walls of the Old City - from Montefiore to Rav Kook.  Although in the 1850’s living conditions in the Old City were terrible, people were too frightened to live outside the safety that its walls and locked gates offered them.  On this tour you will visit the first few Jewish neighbourhoods to be built outside the Old City and hear the stories of the benefactors and communal leaders like Moses Montefiore and Rabbis David ben Shimon and Yosef Rivlin who built them.
Meet at 1.30pm outside the Begin Centre on Nachon Street.
On Wednesday January 5th tour the Temple Mount.  The Temple Mount is holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians. We shall explore the history and significance of this important and controversial site and see some of the buildings which occupy it today. Please wear modest clothing for this tour and do not bring prayer books, bibles, tefillin or any religious books or articles.
Meet at 8.00 am just inside the Dung Gate (Bus lines 1, 2, 3, 38)
Please wear comfortable shoes and bring hats and water for these tours.  Each of them lasts 2-3 hours and costs NIS 60 per person.  Please register in advance 054-647-8955 or
tourwithjack@gmail.com .