hanks again for a great day in Jerusalem.  Your knowledge is really
extensive and I learned so much from you - I really appreciated the variety you built into the tour - including the modern and old.




... has just phoned me to let me know how pleased he was by his time with you.


In August, my wife and I had a tour led by you of Rechavia – Yekkes in Spanish streets.  She was so pleased that she returned for a tour of some aspect of the Old City. 





Dear Jack,


I would like to thank you for helping my friends and will be happy to provide your name and details to any of my future visitors. We enjoyed the tour with you so much and am sure the same will be with my friends.


Best regards,





Hi Jack,


I saw the family on Monday. They thanked me for referring you to them, they said you were the perfect guide for them. They said that the tour was great, they liked how you organized it, you were very knowledgable, very considerate and very nice - they really enjoyed themselves.


...I knew that referring you was the best idea - I'm glad you enjoyed guiding them!




Dear Jack

Thanks for the most fascinating of tours and for your sharing with us your knowledgeof these important episodes in our history.