Tour With Jack in the Northern Negev

Tour With Jack in the Northern Negev

Sunday December 25th - 5th Day Chanukah










Tel Arad                                                          Price NIS 250 includes:

Mamshit (Kurnub)                                              Coach,

Cochin Jewry Heritage Centre, Nevatim               Kosher meat meal

                                                                      All site fees.

                                                                      Seniors/ Children NIS 220

Drive south into the desert, the Northern Negev, to Tel Arad.  Visit the 5,000 year old Canaanite city and a fortress from the time of King Solomon with its sanctuary modelled on the Temple in Jerusalem.  It is just a short journey from Tel Arad to the World Heritage Site of Mamshit, a walled city of the Nabateans - the masters of the Spice Route.  Your final stop is Moshav Nevatim, re-established after the War of Independence by Jews from Cochin, a town on the west coast of India.  Sample Cochin cuisine and culture as you eat a kosher meat meal followed by a visit the synagogue and the Cochin Jewry Heritage Centre.


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