"From Herod to Herzl"

Tour With Jack “From Herod to Herzl”

Monday October 17th – 4th Day Chol Hamoed Succot


Herodion                                            Price NIS 250 includes:

Lunch at Kibbutz Ein Tzurim                    Coach,

The Minkov Citrus Museum                     Kosher meal in the succah

Mazkeret Batya                                   All site fees.

                                                          Seniors / Children NIS 220

Visit Herodion – the great fortress palace of Herod the Great and his burial place.  From there, travel via Gush Etzion Junction and the Elah Valley where David fought Goliath, to Kibbutz Ein Tzurim for a kosher meat meal in the succah.  In the afternoon tour two picturesque sites from the First Aliyah: Mazkeret Batya (established by Hovevei Zion in 1893) and the Minkov Museum where the first citrus orchard in Rehovot from 1904 has been preserved.

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