"Tour With Jack to Another Country"

“Tour With Jack to Another Country”

A Day in Tel Aviv

Tuesday March 6th 2012


Neve Tzedek                            Price 250, Seniors/Children  225 

Nahalat Binyamin                      Includes:   

Rothschild Boulevard                  Coach,

Reuben Rubin Museum                Kosher meat meal


Bialik House                              All admission charges

To many Jerusalemites, Tel Aviv is another country.  Jerusalem, “the holy city” at the edge of the Judean Desert, is some 5,000 years old.  Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Coast, “the city that never sleeps”, was founded just over 100 years ago but it also has a history and a vibrant culture.  Explore Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the walls of Jaffa.  Enjoy the bustling craft fair in Nachalat Binyamin. Eat lunch in Kerem Hatemanim before heading off to take in the architectural and artistic heritage of Rothschild Boulevard and Bialik Street including the Reuven Rubin Museum and Hayim Nachman Bialik’s house.


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